My photo project about homeless people in Berlin.

They live on the streets in one of the world’s leading capitals. There are 11000 of them in Berlin.

They do not have any home or bed. They get warm food once a day in the shelters. If they want to eat more, then they go to “work”, as they call collecting bottles.

They live under the bridges and inside of the train stations.

Their few belongings are often taken away during government raids and they have to search for the new things in the trash bins to keep themselves warm.

They are being kicked out of the warm train stations under the cold steady rain by the police.

Many of them won’t survive the winter. Many of them will die from the drug abuse or alcoholism.

They do not complain.

They read books with the flashlight in the night, sitting on the matrass under the bridge, when the outside temperature goes below zero.

Many of them are intelligent and even if they have absolutely nothing, they have very big hearts. They bring candles to the self-made memorial of their friend who was frozen to death on the streets.

Many of them are very thankful even for the smallest things, like a shared cigarette.

They are happy when people put clothes or matrasses next to the bins instead of throwing them away.

A few of them have asked me to show to the world how they live.

And they showed to me how to be happy with very little things.

We do not need to go to the war zone to start appreciating things that we already have. Even a warm bed can be an inaccessible dream for many people around us.

Talking to these people changed me very deep inside. Sometimes I was complaining that my life is not perfect, that I do not have many things as others do. But after I made this project about homeless people in Berlin, I realised that I have a lot of things to be happy about. Even my small bed and small room are enough reasons to be happy. I am doing what I love, I have warm food and clothes, I have a place to stay, I have a camera. I have really many things in my life that I was not appreciating before. And with this project I wanted to ask our western society: “What are you complaining about??” There are people who live on the streets and having absolutely NOTHING right next to us. Not in Africa, not in Syria, but here, it is happening right here. There are people injecting heroine almost in front of the Police Station! There are many people dying on the streets in Europe. And we forget about them! They feel themselves forgotten and abandoned! And many of them are from Germany. From their home country which was supposed to help them.

It feels to me that sometimes our focus goes to other problems. We do not see that there are so many people among us, living in a developed European country, who need our help! They want to work, they want to change their life’s. But how can they go to work if they do not have any place to shower or sleep? How can they ever change their life’s? Maybe we need to have a closer look at our society and give this people a hand. They really deserve that.