Ongoing project about loneliness that doesn’t have any colors.

Self portraits

I made this project to show the loneliness that visits all of us from time to time. This binds us and often we are unable to move because of the pain within us. We want it to go away, but sometimes we can’t resist it. And this dark feeling goes deeper and deeper into us. Loneliness always has a black or grey shades. It is never colorful.

I have been in that stage for years. I lost my home, my family, my identity, my world, my everything. I thought that I am alone in this world and it will always be this way. I saw nothing but darkness. I didn’t see any way to get out of it. I thought that my life came to an end although I was still breathing.

With this project I am going back to the time when I felt extremely lonely and I want to show to you my loneliness that didn’t have any colors.