Black and white self portraitMy journey in photography started at the age of 19. That was the time when my whole family passed away. That moment I decided that life is too short and I must do things that really matters.

I was studying political science before. But after that wake up call I changed my life and came to Europe to follow my new philosophy. Art helped me a lot to survive the most darkest days in my life and these philosophical findings I try to express withing my works.

The tragedy in my life built me as an artist. Because of my past I am trying to find the true beauty and the meaning of life which is full of injustice. In my artistic mission, I am trying to bring a message to people through my art: stay conscious about given time and embrace the beauty around.

In my photography, I create my own world with my own rules. My invented world reveal the true fillings hidden inside of us. In my imagined world I am asking the viewer important questions: what is the fear, what is loneliness, what is the essence of life? How to see the truth in the world full of false?



Upcoming in 2018: Blank Wall Gallery, Athens


Somos Art House Berlin – Women’s art festival, exhibition

International Photography Awards 2017 – “Mother Nature”, honourable mention

RAW Streetphoto Gallery in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – ‘What are you complaining about?’, project about homeless people in Berlin

Monovisions Photography Awards – Honorable Mention

Elegant Magazine, January issue – photo series ‘Timeless Beauty’

Chromatic Photography Awards – ‘Farewell to summer’ Honorable Mention


Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention

Le Fil d’Or magazine, February issue – photo series ‘Color your life’

Modellenland magazine – Interview

Modellenland magazine – winner of the month

PUMP magazine, March issue – photo series ‘One true love’


‘Global Village’, Abcoude, The Netherlands – ‘Maria Magdalena’s path to religion’

Dark Beauty Magazine – photo series ‘Game of shadows’

Envie magazine – photo series ‘Animal instincts


LAKMA Museum, Amersfoort, The Netherlands – Solo exhibition

Project 072, Alkmaar, The Netherlands – ‘Power of money’


Manifesto, The Hague, The Netherlands – ‘Every woman can be different’, project against domestic violence